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CIU Academic Prof. Dr. Özdemir Provides Training at the “Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Meeting” Series

Prof. Dr. Osman Özdemir, Faculty Member of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cyprus International University (CIU), provided a training session at the “Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Meeting” Series, which is held in cooperation with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, the world's first biosimilar producer.

Özdemir stated that the aim is to provide support for pharmacists that have started professional practice at various institutions by updating their daily knowledge, explaining the development of the pharmacy process from the traditional period to today in Turkey and abroad. Özdemir stated that doctors, nurses, and pharmacists were given training for professional practice in Turkey and that pharmacists in Cyprus were also given training before. Özdemir pointed out that such practices should be carried out regularly, stating that after students graduated new drugs could enter into treatment.

Özdemir said that pharmacists should have knowledge about professional practice and they will gain information from the training sessions held. Özdemir also gave information about the use of medication in the elderly, saying that the elderly succumb to many diseases and illnesses due to their age. He stated that drugs used more than once affect a patient’s health adversely and the country's economy. Özdemir mentioned that the elderly should act carefully in the use of drugs and he warned that the use of drugs must be learned very well by pharmacists and physicians.

Last updated: 21-11-2018