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CIU Academic Prof. Dr. Bağırov’s Masterpieces at Art Gallery in Cyprus

Prof.Dr.Vüsal Bağırov, The Head of the Department of Art Teaching, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU) masterpieces were exhibited at the 1st Cyprus Art Fair held in Art Gallery Cyprus.

The five works of Prof. Dr. Vüsal Bağırov were found worthy to be exhibited by the board formed by the North Cyprus Art Community. Prof. Dr. Vüsal Bağırov’s three of the five works exhibited in Art Gallery in Cyprus were watercolour and two of them were made using mixed techniques. In addition, the work of many professional artists from Cyprus and the world was exhibited at the 1st Cyprus Art Fair.

Ahmet Savaş Kale, the founder of Art Gallery Cyprus, noted that their main objectives were to bring original artworks produced in Cyprus and abroad with art lovers and he mentioned that they also aim at transporting these works to Cyprus and European markets. Kale "We accept as many artists' work as possible in our gallery" and he also noted that art lovers and collectors whom they invited were able to reach these works for decoration purposes.

Kale emphasized that they established Art Gallery Cyprus to bring professional artists from Cyprus together.

Last updated: 11-04-2018