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CIU Academic Points outthat Language Unity was formed by the Letter Revolution

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yurdal Cihangir, Lecturer of the Department of Turkish Language Teaching, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU) pointed out that with the Letter Revolution, which is the key for modernization, language unity was formed.

Cihangir said the Arabic alphabet was not suitable for the structure and functioning of the Turkish writing system and he stated that there were difficulties in the Turkish education-teaching process. Cihangir also pointed out that the people and intellectuals used separate languages and this situation created a gap between them. Therefore, a modern and real education could not be created.

Cihangir pointed out the necessity of a new alphabet, which can be learned more easily and which can contribute to the quality and quantity of education. He also stated that Atatürk worked in this direction in order to get Turkish to reach its national liberation.

Cihangir stated that language unity was also provided with the formation of unity in education and he stated that Atatürk put into practice the new Turkish Alphabet based on the Latin letters which donot cause any problems in reading and writing.

Cihangir said the Assembly passed a new law related to the new letters on the November 1st, 1928 and he stated that the Latin alphabet was accepted instead of Arabic letters. He also recalled that Latin originated new figures were accepted instead of Arabic numerals and subsequently an international calendar was accepted.

Cihangir stated that with the acceptance of the Latin letters, an important step towards rapprochement with the Western world was taken and he also said that there was an increase in the literacy rate with the acceptance of the new letters. Cihangir said  “Atatürk taught the public the new Turkish alphabet in front of the blackboard himself as a head teacher.” 

Last updated: 27-11-2018