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CIU Academic Points out that reasonless gingiva bleeding may be a symptom of serious blood diseases

Dt. Turhan Ulutekin, Lecturer of the Oral and Dental Health Program of the Health Sciences Vocational School, Cyprus International University (CIU), mentioned that digestion first starts in the mouth and teeth, which have a mechanical role in digestion in addition to chewing and grinding, as they have an important role in speech and aesthetic appearance.

Ulutekin gave information within the scope of the oral and dental health week and he stated that a complete chewing process will be possible with healthy and non-carious teeth and he said to have healthy teeth, regular teeth brushing, healthy eating, and going to a dentist for regular checks are essential.

Ulutekin pointed out the importance of correct treatment and diagnosis and he said tooth inflammation can damage all the organs that can be weak such as the heart, kidneys, stomach, and joints and he said changes that may occur in the mouth will show the occurrence of the disease.

Ulutekin mentioned that unspecified gum bleeding may be a symptom of serious blood disorders. Therefore, early diagnosis of some intra-oral findings may be life-saving. Ulutekin stated that dentistry is now progressing rapidly and dental implants, as well as prostheses, improve the quality of life of implants. Ulutekin pointed out that aesthetic concerns about teeth have been solved with the techniques and materials that are developing every day.

Ulutekin said rotten teeth and unhygienic mouths cause gum problems and he said “A nice smile with healthy teeth will have a very positive effect.” During his speech, Ulutekin said ‘in addition to the dentists’ efforts, educators and the media have great tasks to create awareness in the community about oral and dental health.

Last updated: 24-01-2019