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CIU Academic Points out That People with Special Needs Suffer from Inequality

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Avcıoğlu, Faculty Member of the Special Education Department, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University, pointed out that in today's practice, individuals with special needs experience great inequality in health, education, employment, culture and arts, sports, transportation, psychological, and social support and participation in social life.

Avcıoğlu stated that the “International Day of Persons with Disabilities” was determined by the United Nations as the 3rd of December in 1992 and various events and promises were made to commemorate this day, but there are still thousands of people who cannot benefit from special education services.

He explained that individuals who have special needs have the right to participate in community life like other individuals and have the right to receive education. Various measures and arrangements should be made for the education of these individuals and their participation in social life. 

Avcıoğlu pointed out that the education of individuals with special needs is not adequate, putting emphasis on the importance of educating society on this matter. Avcıoğlu said the authorities should create policies and targets in this direction and that it is as important as their education that the authorities should develop a policy in this matter. He said "In order to remedy these inequalities, authorities should be aware of these problems and it is important to provide services in this direction.”

Avcıoğlu said that these individuals are not abnormal, as many people attributed, and they are only individuals, whose development is not normal, and some of them are different.

Avcıoğlu stated that with appropriate education and support services, it is possible that they become self-sufficient, reach a certain level of knowledge and culture, have a profession and become productive, establish healthy relations with their surroundings, and socialize.

Last updated: 08-01-2019