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A CIU Academic pointed out that there is an Increase in Violence due to People Lost their Discernment

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nalan Sınay, Lecturer of the Department of Radio and Television, Faculty of Communication, Cyprus International University (CIU) pointed out that in today's world, there is an increase in violence as people lose their ability of reasoning.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sınay said the most important feature that separates human being from all other living things is the ability of reasoning and she stated that "The violence is increasing in today’s world because of the fact that we start losing this ability.

Sınay pointed out that with the disappearance of values such as love, respect, ethics and empathy, qualities make human being disappear and she stated that we are subject to societal violence as a result of this situation.

Lecturer Sınay stated that the criminal events that caused massive upsurge by the public in our country are actually concerns all of us because we live in the same society.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sınay mentioned that people cannot communicate without violence and she added that they are exposed not only to physical pressure but also psychological pressure. Sınay suggested that empathy can be the solution of all these problems. First of all, Assist Prof. Dr. Sınay drew attention to our self consciousness and she mentioned that the observation and evaluation occur as a result of being able to do a judgment.
Nalan Sınay stated that everything that might come to mind due to its existence must be respected and she stated that it would be easier to approach other people with empathy and this will contribute to a decrease in violence.

Sınay said that if we make people feel deprived of value while communicating, all negative events will be chained up and she added that we must take the famous philosopher Confucius as a reference that "It is lovelessness that makes people indifferent. It is lack of communication that makes them hostile to each other. It is indifference that destroys everything related to beauty."

Last updated: 27-06-2018