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CIU Academic Mentions that Tuberculosis (phthisis) is Among the Top 10 Diseases that Cause the Most Death in the World

Dr. İpek Nurdan Işık, who is in charge of the Dialysis Program of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Cyprus International University, pointed out that tuberculosis (phthisis) is among the 10 diseases that cause the most death in the world and she stated that this disease can be prevented by taking necessary measures.

Işık stated that the disease is caused due to poverty, social, and economic inequalities, so  patients should complete their treatment successfully without losing their social status and economic hardship.

Işık expressed that tuberculosis is a very dangerous disease in terms of human health and it is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, known since ancient times. Işık said it is also known as a subtle disease among people. Işık mentioned that tuberculosis is a contagious disease and entered the human body through respiration or digestion. Işık said that if tuberculosis is not noticed quickly and the untreated body weakened, this can cause death.

Işık stated that patients coughing for more than 2-3 weeks, blood coming from phlegm, fatigue, night sweats, or weight loss must contact tuberculosis experts.

Işık highlighted the fact that by making a chest radiography and sputum examination the disease can be diagnosed. A newly diagnosed tuberculosis patient should use the prescribed drugs regularly for six months and after the start of the treatment, the risk of transmission will decrease rapidly.

Işık said B.C.G., which prevents tuberculosis, is the vaccine that is made free by health institutions today. Işık said babies and children should not be given this vaccine.

Last updated: 09-01-2019