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CIU Academic Made Recommendations about How Children Should Spend The Semester Break

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sarem Özdemir, the Head of the Preschool Education Program, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU), made recommendations about how 4-to 8-year-old children should spend more active time with their families during the semester break and how to develop motor skills with activities.

Özdemir mentioned that a lot of research was done about the time children spent on tablets or phones affecting the mental and physical development negatively and she said it is in the control of parents that the child spends quality time and stays away from tablets during the February holiday.

Özdemir pointed out the importance of families creating an environment for indoor and outdoor activities that could affect children's mental and physical development positively and she said they could combine mathematics and physical education as a game. Özdemir said “In this way, children will be supported both mentally and physically and children will have a more positive attitude when schools start.”

Özdemir pointed out that the child's communication with the family will be strengthened through these practices. She said especially with children from 4 to 8 years, the household should be placed irregularly in the appropriate space in an irregular way and cardboard boxes should also be placed and she recommended that the rules of the game should be determined together.

Özdemir said such activities can be diversified and she mentioned that the game suggested is just one of the other possible activities. Özdemir also said games that have commands such as "pass from the right of the chair, under the box, over the top of the table and the game starts and ends with the referee’s whistle" could be prepared. Özdemir stated that the aim of this game is to obey the rules and commands mentioned before and she suggested that they can do the refereeing of the game alternately.

Last updated: 25-02-2019