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CIU Academic gives information to the Consumer about the Use of Agricultural Pesticides

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baktır, the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Cyprus International University (CIU), informed consumers about the use of pesticides in agriculture.

Prof. Dr. Baktır explained that the main reason for using pesticides in agriculture is protecting plants from insects and diseases.

Baktır mentioned that the side effect of pesticides causing economic loss has been discussed and he said the drug "Glyphosfat (Round up)", which is used as a foreign pesticide in recent days, is carcinogenic.

Baktır pointed out that there are basically 5 kinds of hormones and he said that the organic hormone Gibberellic acid used in agriculture is natural and harmless. However, when the plant is overdosed it may be harmful for the plant.

Baktır said it has been discussed for many years that t artificial hormones, especially those that are used for fertilization in vegetables, are harmful and he stated that organophosphorus insecticides are definitely harmful.

İbrahim Baktır stated that the use of artificial hormones has decreased considerably in the recent years due to the fertilization of Bombus bees.

Baktır mentioned that each country has its own norms and limits on pesticide residues and he stated that it is essential to meet international criteria and exporting countries criteria, otherwise, the product is either returned or destroyed.

Prof. Dr. Baktır said the rules in the TRNC are in line with the rules in Turkey and he stated that the residue analysis is done at the government laboratory in the TRNC.

Prof. Dr. Baktır pointed out the importance of public awareness of pesticides used in agriculture and he said if there is the slightest doubt, the relevant institutions should be informed, drawing attention to the seriousness of the matter.

Baktır pointed out the importance of acting with awareness from producer to consumer and he said "It is necessary to use the drugs as little as possible, when they are valid, and when the effective period is valid."

Prof. Dr. Baktır mentioned one of the common methods used in organic agriculture is that heavy smell and garlic plants such as reprocessing plants, are put to the side of the plant to reduce loss and  Prof. Dr. Baktır also suggested that pesticide use and residues could be reduced with the use of hygienic and technical measures.

Last updated: 25-09-2018