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CIU Academic Gives Advice to Parents About High Fever Diseases in Children

Assist. Prof. Dr. Neşegül Orçun, a Lecturer of the Nursing Department of School of Health Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU), explained what parents should do in case of high fever, which is common in children in winter.

Orçun expressed that families are worried about high fevers in children with infectious diseases and the causes of short-term fever being respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary tract infections.

Orçun said that a long-term fever is a symptom of some serious diseases and she said that first the degree of temperature should be measured correctly without panic. Orçun said parents should dress the children with thin and loose clothes at 38.5 degrees temperature and Orçun recommended that the child should be covered.

Orçun said at 38.5 - 39 degrees medicine recommended by the physician should be used and she stated that aspirin must not to be used as antipyretics and antibiotics should not be used unless the physician suggests. Orçun recommended that the child should take a warm shower or be dressed with warm-wet cloths in cases of sudden temperature rises and she added that plenty of fluid should be consumed.

Orçun mentioned that if the temperature lasts more than 72 hours and reaches 40 degrees, she recommended that the families should consult doctors and she said chest, ear, abdominal, and throat pain, difficulty in breathing, cough, wheezing, stiff neck, continuous vomiting, diarrhea, and changes in urine color should be observed. 

Orçun said "in case of groaning, restlessness, weakness, confusion, delusion, purple rashes on the skin, dry mouth, no tears in the eyes and collapse in the eyeballs and bio regulation, time should not be lost."

Last updated: 05-02-2019