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A CIU Academic Gave Information on Game Design and Construction Sites in Today's Sector

Cemal Sobutay, a Lecturer of Visual Communication Design Department of the Faculty of Communication, Cyprus International University (CIU) explained the benefits of the game design course to the students with the developing technology and what areas they could work in the future.

Sobutay, a lecturer of CIU emphasized the importance of game design and game making areas in today's industry and added the importance of practical courses in which students can participate interactively outside their fields. Sobutay said that students who took the game design course were ready at the time when they were transferring to the business life in the future.

Cemal Sobutay added that at the end of the semester each student can design games without any help on their own as a result of the programs taught in the course and she added that these experiences have pluses and profits. Sobutay expressed that they learn the bases of analytical movements and the logic of progress calculus and he added that they have the capacity to create all the details on their own, from the game scenario to the background, from the foreground to the logic.

Cemal Sobutay, a Lecturer of Visual Communication Design Department stated that students, who would like to take this course, should have the basic physics and basic mathematics knowledge and they should use their imagination and drawing ability and he also added that game design is divided into different branches such as animation and graphic illustration.

Sobutay added that people of all ages love to play games and with the development of technology, storytelling can now be done not only with books but also with game scripts and game scenarios. In today's world it has been come to the point that games compete with films.

Last updated: 13-04-2018