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CIU Academic Examines Nano-technological Approaches in Breast Cancer Treatment

Assoc. Prof Dr Doğa Kavaz, Lecturer of the Bioengineering Department, Cyprus International University (CIU), said he is coming to the end of his study on “The Development of Smart Lipid Based Nano-therapeutics for Cancer Treatment.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kavaz said that they do research on the most common type of cancer, which is breast cancer in women, in North Cyprus, and they work to raise awareness of women's diseases.

Kavaz said that according to the data from the World Health Organization, cancer diseases are the diseases that affect people's quality of life the most.

Kavaz said that nanoparticle systems attracted a lot of attention in the treatment of cancer because of the unique accumulation behaviours in the tumour regions in the research related to the new generation cancer diagnosis and treatments, adding that the drugs used in treatment improved the therapeutic index by increasing the effectiveness.

Kavaz pointed out that within the scope of the project, Lipid-based receptor-mediated nanoparticles are prepared and characterized for the treatment of cancer. He said in this way, the surface properties of the particles are also examined. Kavaz mentioned that the prepared carriers should be non-toxic and they should have a high rate of entry into cancerous cells.

Kavaz further said that the nanoparticles have been activated with a model ligand for the purpose of targeting cancer cells actively, stating that drug release profiles were also obtained by loading the anticancer drug into the nanoparticles.

Kavaz explained that Biological Compatibility Tests were done and he reported that tumour-selectivity was investigated by targeting the nanoparticles in cancerous and healthy cells in the final phase of the study. Kavaz said that the selected anti-cancer drug was loaded into the carrier and the interaction with cancer cells was also examined. He further stated that a more active targeting system was prepared to increase the inclusion of smart nano-therapeutics into the cancer cell in the tumour.

Last updated: 01-10-2018