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CIU Academic Declares that Agricultural Lands in Our Country Should be Protected

Prof. Dr. Ahsen Işık Özgüven, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies and the Head of the Department of Plant Production and Technologies of Cyprus International University (CIU), pointed out the importance of landless agriculture and the protection of agricultural lands.

Özgüven, who made a speech at the event organized in cooperation with CIU, the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers of Cyprus, and the European University of Lefke due to the 173rd anniversary of the agricultural education, stated that scientific studies for agricultural development should be done and qualified staff should be trained. Özgüven said they are ready to do all kinds of support and contribute to the development of agriculture in the country. 

Özgüven, at the event held at Atatürk Cultural Center in the Güzelyurt Municipality, said agriculture is an indispensable sector for all countries and he stated that the current natural agricultural areas, first, and second agricultural land should be protected. Özgüven stated that the way to achieve healthy nutrition and development is to increase agricultural production and he said quality production is important in terms of human health and food safety.

Özgüven said that by taking advantage of the ecology which is bestowed by nature to Northern Cyprus, going towards to landless agriculture is important in terms of supporting tourism. He mentioned that raising awareness of protecting agricultural land will contribute to the economy of the country.

Özgüven pointed out the importance of making conscious irrigation along with the new agricultural strategy in line with the quality of water from Turkey and he said it would be advantageous to focus on organic farming.

Özgüven said the conservation of endemic plants specific to Northern Cyprus will make a difference in branding some herbal and animal products and he stated that becoming a cooperative should be initiated with a new approach.

Last updated: 05-02-2019