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CIU Academic Celebrates the Republic Day

Prof. Dr. Muhittin Tuş, Faculty Memeber of the Faculty of Education, Cyprus  International University (CIU), said Republics are the most appropriate form of governent for the character and the tradition of the Turkish nation and this date is celebrated as Republic Day with the establishent of the Republic of Turkey on 29th October, 1923.

Tuş recalled that the Ottoman Empire, which came from the sultanate tradition, could not regain its authority in the late 19th century and early 20th century and  he explained that the Turkish nation broke with tradition and declared its independence.

Tuş recalled Gazi Mustafa Kemal 's  saying "they will go as they come!" during the First World War  when the British occupied Istanbul, and he said Mustafa Kemal gathered the Turkish nation around him. Tuş mentioned that Mustafa Kemal added the light of hope and excitement to a society which was desperate for its homeland.

Tuş called attention to the point that the nation is superior to anything else. He mentioned that instead of Mustafa Kemal putting himself forward for the state administration of the current government and state organization, he directly created a republic for the nation.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said “One day my humble body will depart from life. But the Republic of Turkey will live forever" and he said he commemorates all the saints and martyrs and veterans with mercy and gratefulness, and he celebrated the Republic Day.

Last updated: 11-12-2018