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CIU Academic Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jim Vincent said focusing on listening activities help to learn a second language

A seminar titled "Understanding American English" was organized by the School of Foreign Languages at Cyprus International University (CIU).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jim Vincent, Lecturer of the Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Education said speaking consists of the units of language such as accent, dialect, words, voice and speed of speech and these have an important role in one’s comprehension, speaking and learning a language. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jim Vincent said understanding American English means understanding units of language and he emphasized speaking contains speech sounds that are called phonemes and phonemes merge together to form a morpheme and morphemes merge together to form a word, words merge together to form a sentence and sentences merge together to form discourse.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vincent mentioned the factors that cause language change such as economic factors, changes in the phonemes that make up the word, the use of words that are borrowed from other languages, and translations for expressions of concepts in other languages.

Mr. Jim Vincent said the variation in dialects and the words borrowed from other languages and the translations from other languages have resulted in different pronunciation of words in American English. As there are different dialects in the States of America, it is natural to encounter different pronunciation of English words. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vincent pointed out that there are rapid developments in science and technology and these developments lead to the use of new words in language.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jim Vincent emphasized that we should be open for innovations and he added that there are different accents in English and it is necessary to be careful and enthusiastic about learning them so that what is said can be understood. Focusing on the listening activities and making effort to do necessary practise will really facilitate the learning of a second language.

During the event, The Director of the School of Foreign Languages Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yavuz, presented Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jim Vincent a certificate of appreciation.

Last updated: 05-01-2018