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CIU Academic Announces that the Use of Uncontrolled Pesticides Results in Bulk Bee Deaths

Assist. Prof. Dr. Özgör, the Coordinator of the Rectorate of Cyprus International University, talked about the bee deaths that have happened in recent years and he said that the most important cause of these deaths is the use of uncontrolled pesticides.

Özgör stated that as of 2005, there have been mass bee deaths and he said there were occasional deaths in Cyprus and these deaths had different causes. Özgör mentioned that the research conducted showed that active plant protection drugs containing imidacloprid and clothianidin are determined to be very toxic to bees and these substances have a high impact on bee deaths at the end of winter. Özgör said first in the European Union and in Turkey, and then in the TRNC these substances were banned by the Supervisory Board of Agricultural Medicines. Özgör mentioned the importance of the prohibition of these substances and preventing their illegal use by the necessary inspections, and he recommended that as an alternative to these drugs, plant protection drugs to combat pests should be presented to farmers.

Özgör said in addition to pesticides, drought also causes the deaths of bees and he stated that due to the increase in temperature and the decrease in the number of nectarine plants, bees that cannot find enough nutrients die.

Özgör stated that not using the domestic bee race effectively and the maintenance of bee keeping with imported queen bees that cannot adapt to the climate of the island results in the decrease in the number of bee colonies and bee keeping should be continued with the bee race which can adapt to the region the best.

Özgör stated that the right apiculture techniques should be applied and the necessary assistance was provided to all beekeepers who asked for support in the fight against these techniques or bee diseases.

Last updated: 15-03-2019