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CIU Academic Announces that Obesity is one of the Most Important Health Problems in Developed and Developing Countries

Assist. Prof. Dr. Dağ, member of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Health Sciences of Cyprus International University (CIU), stated that obesity is the common disease of our time and it is one of the most important health problems in developed and developing countries. 

Dağ said obesity is defined as the increase in normal weight comparing to body height due to an excessive increase in body fat mass compared to fat-free mass. Dağ said it is a chronic and recurrent type of disease because of the complications and disorders it creates in the individual. Dağ stated that obese people suffer from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, various cancers, type two diabetes, gallbladder diseases, and diseases such as respiratory failure.

Dağ said that there is no standard treatment for obesity and he stated that the treatment should be tailor-made to the individual. Dağ stated that there should be a negative balance between the energy taken and the energy spent to lose weight. Dağ mentioned popular non-scientific diets and he said such diets cause health problems.

Dağ said especially the World Health Organization and other international organizations work to help people gain a balanced diet and adopt a mobile lifestyle to prevent obesity and chronic diseases. Dağ, the President of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, noted that the government has a responsibility together with individuals for the protection of obesity, stressing that the government should have effective and widespread policies to fight against obesity. 

Last updated: 19-11-2018