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CIU Academic Announces that November 10th is an Opportunity to face Atatürk's Ideas

Assist.Prof. Dr. Hülya Yeşil, Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Turkish Education, Faculty of Education, Cyprus International University (CIU), said that November 10th should not be considered as a mourning day, it should be considered as an opportunity to face Atatürk's ideas.

Yeşil said they commomorate with respect and longing the great leader Mustafa Kemal on the 80th Anniversary of his death. She pointed out that in his struggle for the independence and the progress of the Turkish nation, Atatürk took his power and belief from the nation, adding that he dedicated his life to his people.

Yeşil emphasized that the unifying, integrative, and infusive ideas of Atatürk are still accepted in today's world, adding that these principles are guiding, exemplified, and implemented. Yeşil stated that the head teacher Atatürk's words "The most true guidance for all things in the world, for materialism, for spirituality, for success, is science. Looking for guidance apart from education and science is inattention, illetaracy, ignorance, denotation madness" show the importance he gave to science at every opportunity with his practices.

Yeşil said she hopes that future generations will take these relics with great honor with the same consciousness, faith, and gratitude in line with the principles and ideas of Atatürk, saying that her belief is infinite that young people will protect the Republic and develop it.

Last updated: 28-01-2019