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CIU “4th Career Days” Ended with Career Fair and Company Presentations

The 4th Career Days and Fair, which was organized by Alumni Communication and Career Research Center of Cyprus International University (CIU), was aimed to contribute to the student development and career planning. During the 4th Career Days of CIU, students, who came together with experts in various professions, were informed about the knowledge and experiences of the successful names of the business world.

Rector Prof. Dr. Halil Nadiri, who made a speech at the 4th Career Days and Fair, stated that it is very important for universities to be in cooperation with various sectors. Nearly 25 companies gave information to the students at this traditional event, he said.

Prof. Dr. Nadiri stated that company representatives will be an important role model for students' career. He thanked all companies who participated and shared their knowledge.

Behiye Mişon, Basman Group Companies Human Resources Manager, said the most important factors in the rapid changing world, undoubtedly is education. She advised students, who will be the future of their country, to educate themselves in the best and the most skilled way.

Mişon said that they give importance in investing in young talents in their company. At this point, they continue to come together with students in many areas. At the Career Fair they made significant contributions both to the companies and students in this regard.

Ebru Deniz Tekman, a Civic Field Communication Specialist stated that students should determine the starting lines to do their favorite job and they should acquire the right information to make a career plan.

Tekman suggested that they should act in accordance with the dynamics of the developing age. She said they witness the birth of new professions at every period. Therefore, they should be open to lifelong learning.

Hazal Özcan, a student from the Department of International Relations, said she is happy to come together with many important names from the sector at the event. She stated that she found answers to her questions about companies she is interested in at the fair.

Last updated: 20-05-2019