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Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Communication issued e message to celebrate January 10, the Working Journalists Day.

Cyprus International University, Faculty of Communication Dean’s office made a statement about the Working Journalists Day, which has been celebrated since 10 January 1961 when “212 numbered law” was published in an official newspaper that provides some rights and legal assurance to press members.

It was underlined in the statement that journalists perform a very important duty as they work under difficult conditions in order to reach information and share it in honest, fair, unbiased way with the public.

It was also underlined that journalism is an effective job all around the world and the ideal journalists publish different opinions from different people and they don’t do biased publishing.  It was stated in the statement that the journalists have an important role on raising the awareness of public and molding public opinion.

It was said in the statement that journalism is one of the hardest, most dynamic and most dedicated jobs and January 10, the Working Journalists Day of all the journalists was celebrated.


Last updated: 13-01-2017