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Cartoon and Animation Department of CIU continues to Register Students

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin Çolak, lecturer of the Faculty of Communication, Cyprus International University (CIU) said a newly established Cartoon and Animation Department, which has been approved by YÖK and YODAK, continues to accept students.

Assoc. ProfessorÇolak pointed out that cartoon and animation have become prominent fields of business in recent years and he said that this area has been predicted as a future occupation by research.

Stating that they had completed their preparations for the Cartoon and Animation Department Assoc. Professor Çolak noted that they will start to take students with a Special Ability Examination from autumn 2018-19. He mentioned that CIU has made a serious investment as a university, including the establishment of a Cartoon and Animation Laboratory.

Assoc. Professor Çolak said the Cartoon and Animation Department combines three departments; "Visual Communication Design and Graphic Design Departments, and the Cartoon and Animation Department; it has these three fields within its structure.”

Çolak: Its difference from Other Fields

Assoc. Professor Çolak said this profession is different from others , mentioning the job opportunities for graduates and saying "Our graduates can find jobs as graphic designers in both advertising and design institutions. In addition they can work as cartoonists, animators in the cinema, television, and advertising sectors nowadays, which are greatly needed by the industry."

Assoc. Professor Çolak also pointed out that graduates of this department can work as editors in radio, television, and film production companies as they take courses in cinema, television and sound editing.

Assoc. Professor Çolak made recommendations to the students who will start the university, mentioning the importance of thinking strategically in the selection of a department and a university. He stated that receiving an education in  future profession areas such as cartoons/animation will be highly beneficial to the students after their graduation.

Last updated: 02-08-2018