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Career opportunities in the Banking and Finance sector were discussed in CIU

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Career opportunities in the Banking and Finance sector were discussed in CIU

The Alumni and Career Research Center and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences jointly organized "Career Opportunities in Banking and Finance Sector" seminar in Cyprus International University.

Tevfik Bülent Şatıroğlu, Country Manager of the Turkish Economy Bank (TEB), attended the seminar as a speaker at the Cevik Uraz Conference Hall.

Conducting an interactive conversation, Tevfik Bülent Şatıroğlu started the seminar by asking the students the definition of career. Stating that the person has to be careful during his career life, Şatıroğlu stated that one should improve his performance, knowledge and skills in this process and the most important key to success is one’s performance.

 "Banking involves money, capital, people and the economy"

Tevfik Bülent Şatıroğlu said that the finance sector is the point where the fund surplus and the fund openness meet, he added, "The biggest actor of the financial sector is the banks. Because there are many factors in banking such as people, capital, money, economy and entrepreneurship. Therefore, in the career of the banking profession these factors should be taken into account while choosing this job, and this chosen job should be elected is loved".


TEB Country Manager Tevfik Bülent Şatıroğlu emphasized that the banking sector is based on two main branches, individual and commercial, and emphasized that one should direct his career to one of these two main branches according to their potential and ability.


Şatıroğlu said that they evaluated the personnel who will work in commercial and retail banking in four different categories and said that the ideal model is individuals with technical knowledge, qualified and strong communication. They are people with strong communication skills and strong technical skills, as well as thinking about the bank's interests."

"Career life begins with university education"

Tevfik Bülent Şatıroğlu, who also mentioned that the students studying in Business Administration and Finance should follow the current economic market, stated that following the effects of the interest rate increasing process of the US Federal Reserve on the world economy will gain knowledge and experience for their career.

Last updated: 28-04-2017