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 Within the scope of 2ND Career Days and Fair at Cyprus International University (CIU) a large number of companies were introduced at the CIU Arena which is the largest sports complex in TRNC.

Many companies such as Telsim Vodafone, Novabank, Koopbank, İktisat Bank, Garanti Bank, TEB, Beko, Honda and Merit Hotel took part in the fair which took place with participation of students from each department. Company representatives gave information about job and internship opportunities to the students.

“Trainees do not make coffee”

TRNC Telsim Vodafone Human Resources Department Recruitment Specialist İnci Moreket, who informs the students about the promotion, job and internship opportunities in the Company Promotions under the second Career Days organized by Cyprus International University, stated that special projects were developed for the students during the summer internship period.

Maroket noted that students trained in departments such as Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Accounting, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Banking, Finance, Advertising and Public Relations can do an internship in TRNC Telsim Vodafone, noting that the internship period is between July and September.With the slogan "Trainees do not make coffee" she emphasized that the target of adding students to the company after internship and underlined that there were eight trainee positions in their company.

Last updated: 28-09-2017