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Canan Tan, a Famous Author of Turkish Literature, met with her Readers at CIU

Canan Tan, a famous author from Turkey was the guest at the interview held during the 54th Library Week which was organized by the Library Club and the Directorate of Library, Cyprus International University (CIU).

Canan Tan expressed her great happiness for being at CIU and she added that this was not her first time at CIU and she admires Cyprus every time she visits it.

Tan gave information about her books during her conversation and she stated that her first story for adults was "Chocolate Covered Sadness" that she wrote in 2002 and she mentioned that her novel "Piraye" is very important for her.

Canan Tan said that she  received the "Most Green Crescent Writer" award by Green Crescent with her book "Heroine Dance".

About her latest book "The Last Hearts Are Dead", Tan said "I could not write the book if I were not a pharmacist" and she explained that she  learned the sociological aspect of organ donor and the characteristics of the organ donor pass to the organ receiver and she learnt this from her pharmasicst profession. Tan also gave information about the themes of her novels "My Heart Loved You" and "Pink and Yusuf" and Tan emphasized that "Longing" is her only book that is from real life and that has a historical feature. Tan mentioned that  her masterpeice "Longing" emerged as a result of about 7 year research and she added that it is one of the books that sheds light on the most misty and dusty pages of history.

Author Canan Tan, who answered the questions of the students, during the activity held at the CIU Çevik Uraz Conference Hall, signed her books for the readers at the end of the interview.

Last updated: 10-04-2018