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Can Katipoğlu, A Mercedes-Benz Product Manager Got together with students at CIU

Can Katipoğlu, a Mercedes-Benz Product Manager came together with the students on the occasion of the 3rd Career Days and Fair event at Cyprus International University (CIU).  Can Katipoğlu shared his experiences with the students with his speech on "How to Plan a Career for a Successful Product Management".

Can Katipoğlu stated that product management is a continuous process that enables products and certain features to emerge at the right time for consumers. Can Katipoğlu mentioned that the goal in product management is very important and success can be measured in this way.

Katipoğlu explained students that a product manager should be a product specialist and he added that he/she should have full control over the product and the competitors.

Can Katipoğlu said that if a product is not well managed that product fails. He stated that students should always be creative in this profession and should have qualities such as being able to think about events from different dimensions and bring solutions to different strategies.

Can Katipoğlu, a Mercedes-Benz Product Manager, who shared his career experiences, emphasized the need to learn a foreign language, do internship practice, know what they do for their work practice and he advised students to make positive differences in addition to trusting themselves and he added that they should keep themselves up to date and add new information to the knowledge they have.

Can Katipoğlu stated that to have a successful career, human relations should be good and he added that they will always benefit from being positive and social.


Last updated: 16-05-2018