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Buray, a famous singer, will meet with his fans at the 21st Spring Festival at CIU

CIU, which got carried away with Group Frekans, will get carried away with Buray tomorrow. “CIU 21st Spring Festival – with the theme of Live, Learn & Share”  organized by the Social Activity Coordinor affiliated to the Student Development and Counselıng Center, Cyprus International University (CIU) and sponsored by Gnçtrkcll Cyprus, will host Buray. He will perform at the Amphitheater on Friday, May 10.

Buray started his musical career as a guitarist together with many artists such as Haluk Bilginer, Gökhan Tepe, Soner Arıca, Berksan and İzel. He was the arranger of many artists' albums in Cyprus. He has made many songs with Gözde Ançel, a songwriter and composer, whom he met in Australia. His first song, he composed Ferhat Göçer’s song “Unutmuş Çoktan”.  Later he composed songs for artists such as Ömür Gedik and Selim Gülgören.

In 2015, Buray became popular with his song “İstersen”.  Later on  he advanced his career by his songs “Sen Sevda Mısın”, “Kimsenin Suçu Yok” and “Aşk mı Lazım”.

In addition to Buray, Grup Frekans, Simge Sağın and Otilia will meet students and the public at Cyprus International University at the 21st Spring Festival.

The 21st Spring Festival will be held on 07-11 May 2019 at the CIU Campus to celebrate the arrival of spring and to motivate students before the final exams. All the concerts and events that will be held as part of the festival will be open and free to public.

Last updated: 20-05-2019