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“Brilliant Beauty with BB Glow and CC Light” Explained at CIU

The Hair Care and Beauty Services Department of Cyprus International University (CIU) organized a seminar titled “Brilliant Beauty with BB Glow and CC Light”.

Vali Gjinali, Head of the Department of Hair Care and Beauty Services, stated that they have been following new technologies and methods which are not in the curriculum since the establishment of the departments and he said that they share these practices primarily with the graduates and then with the experts working in the sector. Gjinali said “The aim of these seminars is to introduce new methods to the sector and to inform them and to share the innovations in the sector with our students.”

Bedriye Deniz, an Expert Aesthetician and Instructor stated that the BB Glow application was made by the use of a new micro needle system ‘and skin color-enhancing serums’, while CC Light was performed with active serums to provide the skin with moisture, vitality, and shine before BB Glow treatment. 

Deniz said that by this process the skin tone is equalized and moisturized and she added that smooth appearance of the skin continues for 6-8 months.

Specialist Aesthetician Kübra Kehribar recalled that BB Glow is not a permanent foundation and she said that it is a mesotherapy serum that gives effect to the skin. Kehribar said a micro needle system gives the skin a radiant glowing appearance and she said thin wrinkles are also removed, the appearance of acne and scars are softened, and photo aging caused by the appearance of freckles and stains, the eye tone and color tone of the detention was passed.

Fatma Öksüz, Lecturer of the Department, said the aim in skin care and application courses is to educate students as knowledgeable, qualified specialists that follow innovations. She said “Thanks to experts skin care procedures which took place first in Korea and after that in Europe and Turkey, are performed in Cyprus today.”

Last updated: 24-01-2019