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“Blood donation event for the Red Crescent” was held in CIU in cooperation with UNIFEB members.

Blood Donation Event  was held in CIU under the leadership of  Faculty of Fine Arts,Design and Architecture Interior Design second grade student and the President of UNIFEM Ahmet Sarı.

Sarı: “We have decided to organize this event due to the decrease in Blood stocks”

Sarı pointed that they contacted with the Red Crescent in the process of organizing the event by thanking the CIU family and UNIFEB for their contributions to the event. Stating that they organized the event after having an approval from the Red Crescent, Ahmet Sarı put: “We have decided to organize the event when we realized the decrease in the blood stocks. We are so glad for being a part of such an event.”

Sultanoglu: “Blood is a need for not only one day but always”

Director of the Red Crescent Fatma Sultanoglu said CIU students who are the members of UNIFEB contacted with the Red Crescent and they informed the Ministry of Health for this organization. Stating that they held the organization after a short time they had the approval, Sultanoglu said that they felt so pleased  that CIU students are so sensitive. Reflecting that blood stocks are decreasing every day,Sultanoglu said: “Blood is a need for not only one day but always. We thank for this meaningful event to CIU family and its sensitive students.”

Faculty of Fine Arts,Design and Architecture first grade student Tugba Durukan stated that she joined the blood donation event voluntarily since there are many people who need blood. Stating that she had donated blood before, she said she felt better after donating her blood.” 

Last updated: 09-02-2017