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An Awareness Raising Event on Recycling and Solid Waste was held at CIU

The International Center for Environmental Studies, Cyprus International University (CIU), conducted an awareness-raising event on the development of social awareness in terms of solid waste management and recycling.

At the seminar, Rosie Charalambous, Vice President of Cans for Kids, with the presentation on “Recycling: The Condition for Our World to Exist”, mentioned that solid wastes have significantly damaged the eco-system. Charalambous stated that in order to prevent environmental pollution, the existing strategies should be developed and policies should be determined about recycling and solid waste management.

Charalambous stated that solid waste management and recycling play an important role in our world. She also said that help is needed to spread the awareness of recycling among people from some organizations.

Charalambous, who also gave information about Cans for Kids, said that it had been established in 1990 with volunteers like her and she said they have collected 25 million soft drinks cans to date. Charalambous pointed out that with the income from the collected soft drinks cans, the children's department of the hospitals were provided equipment worth €260,000.

Charalambous met with undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students from different departments in the discussion session. Students, talked about the waste problems in their own countries and they exchanged ideas about the solutions of the related problems with the presenter.

Last updated: 10-01-2019