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Attention was attracted on Guidance and Psychological Counseling Services in Schools at CIU

“Functions of Guidance and Psychological Counseling Services in Schools; A High School Sample” panel was organized by the Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PCG) Club of Cyprus International University to help students gain knowledge and raise awareness about the functions of guidance and counseling services at different academic levels. 

Ayşe Hansel, a school counselor at Atatürk Vocational High School, stated that PCG has vital importance. When it comes to the profession, they are faced with different and harsher conditions than what is described in books. Because of the cases encountered, they may sometimes question their humanitarian side, however, it is important to accept young people as they are and help them unconditionally. Hansel explained that students with different cultures and sexual orientations should be supported to make them feel valuable.

Ayşe Can, a school counselor at Atatürk Vocational High School, explained that demands in the field of guidance from the vocational high schools and high schools in Northern Cyprus are different. Students in vocational high schools come by selecting their areas and students in these high schools need support on areas such as the scholarship opportunities and admission requirements to universities. Can pointed out that students in regular high schools do not choose a special area and during this process, the students were given regular promotions about the universities which helped them to choose their profession according to their interests.

Laden Kayalı, a school counselor at Lapta Yavuzlar High School, stated that they should support students by first defeating their fears. Kayalı mentioned the importance of showing students that they are valuable  and to learn how to say no. Kayalı recalled that they have to produce solutions to problems such as peer bullying, domestic violence, incest and addiction experienced in high schools and she also recommended that cooperation with experts is needed in their field while solving such problems.

Last updated: 02-05-2019