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Atatürk Vocational High School Photography Club holds a photo shoot at CIU

Cyprus International University (CIU) hosted Atatürk Vocational High School (AML) Photography Club students for their “Portrait Shoot Exhibition” that will be held at the end of the year. Ten students from different countries posed during the filming in their cultural and ethnic clothes.

Tevfik Ulual, the Assistant Director of AML, said they visited CIU to organize the Photography Club's annual project and that the university's campus was suitable for the photo shoot. Ulual said they took photos of CIU students from different nationalities with their cultural and authentic clothes, in which he thanked the officials and students for their help.

Pembe Müjde, a 12th grade student of AML Graphic Design and Photography Department said, “CIU is ideal for taking photos because of it’s extensive landscaped areas. We are happy and enjoyed having the opportunity to take pictures and gain knowledge of different cultures.”

Ege Gökçe, a 11th grade student of AML Department of Graphic Design and Photography said he appreciated the landscaping and architecture of the buildings on campus. He also said that the models were helpful and cooperative during the shots. Gökçe did not neglect to thank the CIU students for their patience and understanding.

Last updated: 29-03-2019