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Asst. Prof. Dr. Özdemir published a message within the scope of April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day

Asst. Prof. Dr. Özdemir, Head of Preschool Education Program in the Faculty of Education stated that April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day is the feast of happiness, peace and children.

Özdemir mentioned the quote, "the happiest day of happiness today". She talked about many occasions to be remembered about the existence of April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day. Özdemir said Atatürk dedicated this day to children, as well as sovereignty to the public.
She stated that Atatürk emphasized freedom, equality and democracy, which is evident in his quote, “National sovereignty is such a light that, in the absence of it chains melt, crowns and thrones burn out and disappear.”

She highlighted that April 23rd is not just “the independence of the Turkish nation” but it is also a day that shows the integrity of the Turkish government that should be protected. The government should be brought up to a contemporary position and democracy should be followed. Özdemir stated that April 23rd is not a day when the children are only present on the green fields or on the roads. She also pointed out that educating children is one of the most important duties of educators.

Özdemir recalled the verses from Hasan Âli Yücel’s April 23rd poem for children as “You are a child today, tomorrow you will grow up, be superior in every job, my child”. She mentioned that children can work with determination and design the future of today in a way that will be suitable for the modern world.

Özdemir said “If we borrowed the future from children, they should be raised as happy individuals with fair sense. At this unique holiday, we should continue to work together for the bright future.” 

Last updated: 09-05-2019