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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gür, gave advice to families on how to prepare their children for a smooth transition back to school after the February break

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çağla Gür, a Professor in the Early Childhood Education Section of the Department of Elementary Education explained, “The children's sleep schedule changes during the holidays, which makes the adaptation process back to school difficult. Students might have problems with situations such as sleeping early, waking up early, sleeping enough, getting prepared on time and being well planned. Some of the children may be reluctant to go back to school for the first few days after break. They need a certain period of time to adapt to the new system to ensure that the process is achieved in a healthy way. Attention should be paid to the sleeping hours of the children. They should sleep and wake up on time in order to get enough sleep and start the day cheerfully. Children who cannot get enough sleep may be unhappy and harsh. Families who watch television or play on their computer or mobile phones, may have a more difficult time sending their children to sleep. It is essential to prepare a quiet and calm environment in the home before bedtime.”

Gür also mentioned that instead of a strict course program, the adaptation process would be better facilitated by keeping the expectation of success at a slightly lower level. 

Last updated: 29-03-2019