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Assist. Prof. Dr. Sınay, an academic of CIU listed the books that can be read during holiday

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nalan Sınay, a Lecturer of the Faculty of Communication, Cyprus International University (CIU) made suggestions about the books in order to relax the individuals both physically and psychologically with the arrival of the summer heat.

Sınay said according to the research conducted in recent years, people spend six hours a day for television and three hours for internet and they only spend six hours a year for reading a book. Assist. Prof. Dr. Nalan Sınay mentioned that schools were closed and employees planned their holiday times and she gave information about books that will relax and expand horizons.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sınay mentioned that books that are read most and the new ones that will refresh the long summer days of 2018.

In the list of the most read books there are Gölgeler-Zülfü Livaneli, Cyprus Mythology - Stass Paraskos, A short history of the human tribe - Yuval Noah Harari, Bazı Yollar Yalnız Yürünür – Özgür Bacaksız, An Extra Night-Stefan Zweig, 1984-Geroge Orwell, War of Cyprus 1570-1571 -Antonio Maria Graziani, Aeden-Akilah Azra Kohen, Ansızınlığımdan Notlar - Ümit İnatçı, Alchemist-Paulo Coelho, Kürk Mantolu Madonna-Sabahattin Ali and Beni Ödülle Cezalandırma - Dr. Özgür Bolat.

In new releases there are Ignition: Fahrenheit 451 Stories / Ray Bradbury, Gölgeler / Zülfü Livaneli, Spider Network / Agatha Christie, Dreamers and Sinners / Matthias Göritz, Privacy: Private Life in Digital Society / Eirik Løkke, Başka Karşılaşmalar / Adalet Ağaoğlu, 677 Kilometer Away from Home / Mark Lowery, Hemen Hafifle / Burçak Avcı-Özlem Kunduracı, Endless Journey of an Astronaut / Jaroslav Kalfar, Doktordan Çok Temiz / Bahri Oral and Poppy and Sparrow / Kristy Cambron.

Last updated: 18-07-2018