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Assist. Prof. Dr. Özgör, Academic, CIU has been given consultancy duty on Agriculture and Animal Husbandry within the scope of EU Projects

Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkay Özgör, Lecturer of the Department of the Common Lessons Unit, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU) explained that he will be a consultant for the technical and scientific support in agriculture and animal husbandry issues within the scope of European Union (EU) Projects.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkay Özgör stated that it is aimed to establish an effective agricultural consultancy service system in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) with the Technical Assistance for Agricultural Advisory Services project. Özgör stated that the consultancy trainings were provided both locally and internationally within the scope of the project and he added that the consultancy services will be done for pilot practices at the next stage of the project.

Özgör also explained that the production potential of the TRNC will increase gradually in the coming years and he added that this can only be achieved by meeting the standards and produce certified products. Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkay Özgör added that this project, which will be run by agricultural advisors, will provide direction to the management of the country in a strategic sense. Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkay Özgör stated that the agriculture consultancy services were progressing according to a certain strategy and individuals working in public and private sectors were trained. Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkay Özgör said that 38 consultants were trained both within the framework of "Technical Assistance for Agricultural Consultancy Services" Project and also by the Agriculture Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. With this service farmers, who are interested, will be guided on how to increase their market network and develop good manufacturing practice.

Following the trainings conducted within the scope of the Project, Özgör, Academic of CIU and other participants were presented certificates.

Last updated: 16-02-2018