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Assist. Prof. Dr. Ömer Damdelen on the need for establishing social awareness about earthquakes

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ömer Damdelen, of the Civil Engineering Department, observed and gave advice in accordance with Earthquake Awareness Week, January 7th-12th. He explained that social awareness and education activities on earthquakes should be created in order to reduce the aftermath damages.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ömer Damdelen warned that people who were unprepared for earthquakes suffer a greater loss of life and property. It is crucial to set up earthquake emergency collection centers and earthquake control areas, and organized activities on what to do in the earthquake and what to do after the earthquake.

Damdelen stated that countries with a history of earthquakes are divided into regions according to earthquake magnitudes. The countries which have an earthquake risk are determined and the conformity of the buildings should be examined before being constructed. Earthquake-related sciences have developed methods for constructing earth-resistant structures, so sensitive measures should be taken during the implementation.

Last updated: 29-03-2019