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Assist. Prof. Dr. Kocadal stresses the Importance of UNESCO's Role in Developing International Cooperation

Assist. Prof. Dr. Özker Kocadal, lecturer of the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Cyprus International University, stated that the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), founded on November 16th, 1946, aims to help establish peace in the world by developing international cooperation in education, science, and culture.

Kocadal pointed out that UNESCO's 72nd anniversary will be celebrated on November 16th. It was established as a reaction to World War II.

Kocadal said UNESCO, which was established within the framework of the United Nations organization, aims to help people  get rid of hate and intolerance as global citizens and aims to develop educational tools with the aim of providing access to quality education for every child and citizen. 

Kocadal stated that UNESCO is trying to promote states for development and cooperation by supporting scientific programs and policies while aiming to strengthen ties between nations. Kocadal said UNESCO also serves as an idea laboratory, saying that countries have developed programs that encourage the free flow of ideas and information sharing that will help them to adopt international standards.

Kocadal said the attacks on cultural diversity, new forms of intolerance, rejecting scientific facts, and threats to freedom of expression are the problems that threaten peace and human rights today. In this context, Kocadal stated that the importance and role of UNESCO has increased in order to overcome such problems and to advance the humanist norms on the basis of its foundation.

Last updated: 21-11-2018