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An article written by CIU lecturer Assist. Prof. Emrah Ahmet Erkurt from Faculty of Engineering was published .

The article written by CIU lecturer Assist. Prof. Emrah Ahmet Erkurt which was named as “Chemical and structural change of Phoenix canariensis and Opuntia ficus-indica with pre-treatment applications:The effect of this change on enzymatic hydrolysis and second generation ethanol production” was published by the article named ‘Bioresource Technology,Elsevier Co.’


Erkut stated that in this study, Phoenix canariensis and Opuntia ficus-indica remains were used as a raw material for the production of non-reducing sugar synthesis and ethyl alcohol. It is stated that diluted acid,alcali and pressurised steam pre-treatments were tested in order to regain the lignin or hemi cellulose depolymerization and cellulose which were found in raw materials. Stating that there were 71.08%  lignin removal for P. Canariensis and 74.6%  lignin removal for  O. Ficus-indica after  2.5 NaOH alkali pre-treatment ,Erkurt said that this average is 81.84 for P. Canariensis and 72.66 for O. Ficus-indica in the recovery data of celulose. Stating that they obtained highly efficient cellulose hydrolysis as a result of enyzmatic sugar synthesis after the pre-treatments,Emrah Ahmet Erkurt said that this averages are 87.0 % and 84.5% for P.canariensis and O. Ficus-indica respectively. Stating that sugar obtained in this study was used in ethyl alcohol fermentation , Assit. Prof. Erkurt said P. Canariensis were nearly  15.75g/L and ficus-indica were nearly 14.71 g/L in ethanol production.

Stating that during these treatments some structural differences occured such as raw,pre-treatment and hydrolized,Faculty of Engineering,Environmental Engineering Lecturer Assist. Prof. Emrah Ahmet Erkurt  said that these differences are observed  by X-rays diffractometer, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscobe and there is a high correlation between the findings and the experimental analysis results.

Last updated: 13-02-2017