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The article of the CIU lecturer is in "NEGOTIATION JOURNAL"

Cyprus International University (CIU) Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of International Relations Lecturer Assistant Professor Özker Kocadal’s article was published in ‘’Negotiation Journal’’.

Lecturer Kocadal’s article titled Conceptual Typology of Relative State Mediation, has been published in Negotiation Journal, which focuses on the negotiation and mediation issues searched by the International Social Scientific Citation Index (SSCI).

Assistant Professor Özker Kocadal, who made a statement about the article, said that relative states constituted the issue of studying the works that could be undertaken in peace processes involving their own relatives. Kocadal, who states that relativistic states are inherent in the close relations with their kin, also voiced that these states are often encouraged by their third party mediators to participate in peace processes.

 “Related States’ contribution to the negotiation process varies depending on the process and the context”

Stating in his article that roles adopted by a  typology which suggests that related states can be categorized into four parts, Assist. Prof. Kocadal underlined that according to the suggested triology,related states have promoter,quasi-mediator,powerbroker and enforcer roles. Ozker Kocadal said: “ It is supported that while doing this analyze, it is counted that using the close bond of these related states may have a positive contribution to the process of the peace.”

Faculty of  Economics and Administrative  Sciences ,International Relations Department Assist. Prof. Ozker Kocadal  stated that third side negotiators and international society’s use of lever forces can be used upon the state to promote peace process by having an active role by the related states by drawing attention to the differences of related states’s contributions to the process and context.Kocadal said “ The samples used in article are from the near peace process in Cyprus,North Ireland,Bosnia,Croatia and Jugoslavia and especially the role of the related states such as Turkey,Greece,Britain,Republic of Ireland  in this peace process.”

Last updated: 20-01-2017