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Architecture Department took part in an international workshop on "Contemporary Filling and Refunctioning of Historical Sights"

Cyprus International University (UKU) took part in an international workshop on "Contemporary Filling and Refunctioning of Historical Sights" at the Department of Architecture from Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture. Experts and students from a range of disciplines and from various universities of TRNC and from Istanbul took part in the workshop. The refunctioning of historic urban environment in Cyprus and dysfunctional structure and plots, improving the textures and identity worth were discussed.

The workshop was organized in cooperation with Cyprus International University, Eastern Mediterranean University, Istanbul Commerce University and Istanbul Technical University. Dr.  Gizem Caner, Member of Faculty Nezire Özgece, Lecturer Meray Taluğ and Research Jubril Atanda participated in the workshop.

The Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Head of Design and Architecture, department Assoc. Dr. Cemil Atakara stated that an important aspect of the vision of their faculty was to contribute to our geography.  He also stated that such workshops was helpful in laying the foundation of academic partnerships of the future.

On the other hand, Nezire Özgece who is an instructor in Architecture Department; stated that Cyprus has been a home to many civilizations throughout ages and that there are many historical, cultural, archaeological, architectural heritage by on sight examination,  document their current condition . The main frame of the workshop was to bring contemporary recommendations for their sustainable use. 

Nezire Özgece stated that second and third year undergraduate students took part in the workshop and the event has contributed to the students’ education by designing and producing collaboratively during the processes of production.

Last updated: 11-06-2018