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Applications for 41 Graduate and 20 Doctoral Programmes Continue

Registration for 41 graduate and 20 doctorate programmes, which are affiliated to the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Cyprus International University (CIU), continues.

Master's programmes that are accepting applications during Fall Semester 2018-2019; Nutrition and Dietetics, Computer Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Information Technologies, Plant Science and Technology, Bioengineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Educational Programs and Teaching, Educational Administration and Planning, Economics, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Graphic Design, Law, Interior Architecture, Communication and Media Studies, English Language Teaching, English Language and Literature, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Public Law, Chemistry, Clinical Psychology, Architecture, Accounting and Finance, Engineering Management, Preschool Education, Marketing Management of Health Institutions, Management of Health Institutions, Tourism and Hotel Management, Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish Education, International Banking and Finance, International Relations, International Law, Management Information Systems, and Mental Retardation Teaching.

PhD programmes that are accepting applications include; Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Energy Systems Engineering, Communication and Media Studies, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Business Administration (German), Law, Architecture, Guidance and Psychology Counselling, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Turkish Language and Literature, English Language Teaching, International Relations, Management Information Systems, Business Administration, and Health Institutions Administration.

Candidates must fill in the form they will receive from the CIU Postgraduate Education and Research Institute or the University's official website at www.ciu.edu.tr/en/academic/institute-graduate-studies-and-research and send the necessary documents along with the required documents by e-mail.

For Details:

Phone: 0392 671 1111 Ext.: 2214


Last updated: 07-08-2018