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Ali Ünal, The CIU Academic, announced the Ways to be successful in Tourism and Hotel Management Education

Ali Ünal, Lecturer of the School of the Tourism and Hotel Management, Cyprus International University said in the field of tourism and hotel management, both the faculty and the schools that provide tourism education at universities have important responsibilities and duties.

Ali Ünal, Lecturer, said in addition to a theoretical education, these departments, which are rapidly increasing in number, use the physical structures of different enterprises called "out casting" for training and internship. Ali Ünal noted that certain university programs provide such training by establishing their own physical kitchens and restaurants. Ali Ünal informed students that practical knowledge in practical courses in their field would be the reason for the managers to prefer them in their future work life. Ali Ünal, Lecturer said as the University, we have adopted such an approach, that offers the students the opportunity to do practices in our own kitchen in addition to the theoretical lectures.
Ünal said the food and beverage area has a balance of both product and service blending and face-to-face communication with guests and he added that "Because of these criteria, the most important successful higher education programs in tourism and hotel management is the ones that are food and beverage courses built in the practical kitchens and restaurants in their campuses."
Ünal stated that food and beverage management services are the main topics in the hospitality industry and restaurant management services. He said that the hospitality industry and restaurant business need qualified and equipped work force to compete more effectively in the world market.

Last updated: 25-01-2018