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Advertising and Public Relations Students of CIU Present their Projects to Özdemir Tokel

Advertising and Public Relations Department students of Cyprus International University (CIU) presented their projects to Özdemir Tokel, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Te-Medya Advertising Agency, which serves in the field of political communication and advertising campaigns.

Özdemir Tokel attended the course project presentations  “I Have a Media Plan’’ and evaluated the them within the scope of the “Media Planning” course, which is given by Assist. Prof. Dr. Galip E. Erdil, a Lecturer of the Advertising and Public Relations Department. Tokel, who advised students based on his own experiences, also informed the students about the strategies and practices that need to be addressed especially during the planning phase.

Tokel, who gave explanations about the qualifications required by the sector, stated that studies in this direction were very useful in gaining real work experience for the students. Tokel pointed out that one of the most important problems faced by young graduates in business life is the lack of ties with the sector and work experience in the sector and he said emphasis should be put on this issue.

Erdil stated that visuals and ideas were shared in the project presentations and he said Tokel liked the students' work and their starting points. Erdil mentioned that they invited Mr. Tokel so that candidates of the industry could have a chance to meet the sector's leading names. Erdil also mentioned that he believes cooperation in this way is very beneficial for the students. 

Erdil said this is "a very valuable experience for his students" and he stated that the students, who performed their presentations successfully, also had the excitement of being evaluated by the employer and they spent their time efficiently.

Last updated: 12-03-2019