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Accreditations of the CIU Faculty of Engineering Programs Continue

The Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Programme in English at the Faculty of Engineering of Cyprus International ​​University (CIU) was accredited by the Association of Engineering Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation (MÜDEK). In addition, the current accreditation validity period of Civil Engineering undergraduate program has been extended.

Prof. Dr. Çelik, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering explained that in the order of the accreditation of the Department of Civil Engineering in English, which was accredited in 2013 as an English program, has been extended to 2020, the accreditation of the Electrical-Electronics and Computer Engineering Programmes continue and the Industrial Engineering is accredited by 2020. Prof. Dr. Çelik said that the programmes were given European Accredited Engineer Label (EUR-ACE) by MÜDEK.

Prof. Dr. Tahir Çelik pointed out that MÜDEK carries out accreditation, evaluation and information activities for engineering education programs and he also stated that it gives international recognition by accrediting the current engineering education programs. Tahir Çelik stated that the education students receive is documented at national and international quality standards.

Prof. Dr. Çelik said that “Which knowledge, skills and competencies graduates from the CIU Engineering Faculty undergraduate programmes will have will be known in Europe and around the world by means of the EUR-ACE label.”

Last updated: 29-08-2018