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An Academic from CIU Suggests Healthy Nutrition for a Strong Metabolism during Seasonal Change

Nazife Hürer, Lecturer of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Health Sciences, Cyprus International University (CIU) emphasized the importance of healthy eating during seasonal change. Hürer said health is not limited to illness and disability and she added that a person must have been in a state of full well-being physically, mentally and socially.

Nazife Hürer stated that the seasonal change has various effects on human health and she explained the importance of nutrition during seasonal change especially for strengthening the immune system. Hürer said it is important to have an adequate and balanced nutrition during seasonal change and she said "Food variety should be ensured in daily food consumption and meals should not be skipped".

Lecturer, Hürer said the ideal body weight must be maintained and individual body weight should be checked frequently and she added that the carbohydrates that are fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes need to be taken daily to protect the immune system. Nazife Hürer emphasized the importance of consuming pulp, vegetable, fresh-dried fruit, dry legumes and fibrous nutrients daily.

Hürer suggested to consume A, C and E vitamins and vegetables that are rich in minerals with zinc during seasonal change. She added that "It will be beneficial to have at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits of different colours throughout the day to strengthen the immune system".

Hürer emphasized that fresh fish must be consumed at least two or three times a week. She added the importance of boiled, brewed or grilled cooking instead of frying. Finally, Hürer emphasized the importance of increasing fluid consumption and she mentioned that at least 2-2.5 lt. water should be taken daily.

Last updated: 16-03-2018