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96th issue of Folklore and Literature Journal Published

The internationally peer-reviewed scientific research journal of Cyprus International University, folklore/literature’s November-2018, 96th issue was published. With the latest issue the 24th volume was completed in he journal which is published as four issues per year.

Prof. Dr. Metin Karadağ, editor of the journal and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, CIU,  made an explanation about the latest issue, stating that there are 13 research articles, one translation, and two book reviews in the journal, and 38 Turkish and foreign scientists' contributions for articles.

Karadağ said Turnitin and Ithenticate audits of all articles were made and foreign language controls were carried out by relevant academic staff and units. He said ‘The quality of articles sent to our journal as a result of these rigorous screening and inspection processes increases with each issue; this directly affects our position in international indexes positively.’

Karadağ stated that the latest DOAJ, ProQuest and SCOPUS (Elsevier) had been added to the magazine indexes, now approaching 40, so that scientists from all over the world were given access Karadağ said progress has been made at a universal level with contemporary/current innovations on the journal's website. Karadağ pointed out that the 100th issue of the journal will be issued next year and he said special works and practices are being carried out related to the issue.

Last updated: 21-11-2018