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8 New Undergraduate and Associate Programs were approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK)

8 new programs of Cyprus International University (CIU) were approved by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK). Cyprus International University continues to grow steadily since its foundation and continues to increase the number of undergraduate and associate degree programs with more than 18 students from 109 different countries.

CIU continues to grow with 4 undergraduate and 4 associate degree programs in the new academic year

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which is one of the most prominent faculties of the CIU, is starting to give education by adding the Department of Translation Studies with the approval of YÖK. The language of instruction of the Department of Translation Studies, which will start accepting students in the new academic term, will be in English.

Cartoon and Animation Department, which attracts a lot of attention in the recent years, will accept students in the Faculty of Communication and the language of instruction will be in Turkish.

The Department of Occupational Health and Safety, which has a great opening in our country and has a high interest, will be opened as a 4-year undergraduate programme in the School of Health Sciences. The Department's educational language will be in Turkish, which will provide education on the health and safety of employees and establishing safe work environments in the workplaces.

The Communication Design program, which will be affiliated to the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design and Architecture, Cyprus International University and which will the language of instruction be in Turkish, is another 4-year program, which will start accepting students with a central placement examination in the new academic year with the approval of YOK.

Four of the approved departments, which will be opened as an associate degree programs, will be in the Health Sciences. Child Development, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Optician, Mouth and Dental Health Departments will be opened in the Health Sciences Vocational School. The language of instruction for the programs that will accept students in the new academic year will be in Turkish.

Last updated: 22-06-2018