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6-year Accreditation was granted to CIU by the Architecture Accreditation Board

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Cemil Atakara, the Head of the Architecture Department and the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, Cyprus International University (CIU) announced that they have got an accreditation for the second time by the Architecture Accreditation Board (MİAK).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cemil Atakara said CIU registered its quality with a six-year accreditation period that is awarded to the most successful institutions among the hundreds of architecture departments in Turkey and North Cyprus. Atakara stated that Architecture Department of CIU is an international education centre with its distinguished faculty members from different parts of the world and multi-cultural student structure from many different countries of the world and he said it is proved with the accreditation that it is a leading institution in the region.

Cemil Atakara, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of CIU said it is important to promote the achievements of academic staff with national and international publications and national and international competitions that the students have attended. Atakara pointed out many workshops, exhibitions and seminars were held at the annual Architecture Design Festival and he pointed out that they bring together with students important architects who came from abroad and experts in their field.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cemil Atakara also gave information about the curriculum of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture and he said "Our vision is to educate our students as architects, who are able to design contemporary buildings, respecting to the nature".

Last updated: 15-05-2018