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5th International Project and Construction Management Conference by CIU

Prof. Dr. Tahir Çelik, Co-Chair of the conference and Faculty Memeber of the Faculty of Engineering of Cyprus International University (CIU), said The International Project and Construction Management Conference will be held for the first time in North Cyprus under the auspices of CIU.

Çelik stated that the international conference will be held in English between 16-18 November. Çelik said there will be four valuable invited speakers from England, America, Bahrain, and Turkey, and a total of 171 presentatons will be given at the conference.

Çelik mentioned that there are 6 departments of civil engineering, saying that the conference is only related to the Construction Management branch, adding that despite the fact that it is in a single area, the interest in the conference is very high.

Çelik stated that the purpose of the conference is to present the studies that the doctoral students do with  the people from the construction sector, mentioning that they aim to discuss the issues and make evaluations.

Çelik pointed out that they pay special attention to the PhD students, saying that with the aim of motivating the young people who do reserach the authors of five selected papers will be rewarded a book signed by the invited speaker Prof. Dr. Ronald McCaffer on Modern Construction Management, which he wrote with Frank Harris.

Çelik expressed that the abstracts were carefully evaluated by the scientific committee and he said that accepted papers will be published as e-books

Çelik said two valuable contracting organizations from Cyprus and nine from Turkey as well as the Chamber of Civil Engineers, the Ministry of Culture, and the National Education, Tourism, and Environment Ministry, and the Presidency provided sponsorship and contributed to the actualization of the event. 

Last updated: 23-11-2018