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54th Zambia Independence Day celebrated at CIU

Zambian students celebrated the 54th Independence Day of their country at an event organized by the International Center of Cyprus International University (CIU).

The event started with the national anthem of Zambia, the presentation of information about the history of the country, a video demonstration, and speeches about the meaning and importance of the day.

Wabwila Musongole, President of the Zambia Student Union of Cyprus International University, said that Zambia's 54th Independence Day was the anniversary of the liberation of the colonialists and it was celebrated to honour the people fighting for it.

Musongole said that on Zambia’s Independence Day, which is traditionally celebrated, it was aimed to promote their culture and they wanted to remind people that there can be a brotherly life with other cultures in the world.

Musongole also stated that they showed Zambian culture and natural resources through the event. Musongole said “This year we collaborated with our student friends from Sudan and Turkmenistan to share our community. I thank them for their participation.” Musongole, who expressed that they have accumulated good memories in such events with the support of CIU, also expressed that it is a gift that is appreciated by them.

Prof. Dr. Majid Hashemipour, Vice Rector of CIU, Gamze Atay, Director of the Student Development and Counselling Center, and many students participated in the event, which ended with cutting a cake and taking photographs.

Last updated: 11-12-2018